IT Service Management

Service Asset and Value Creation


The Mobile Email services for the XYZ Co users is now being transitioned into operations. The service allows the users can synchronise Microsoft Exchange Mail, Calender, and Contacts synchronization on their mobile devices e.g iPhones. The total number of users who will subscribe to this service are estimated to be 1500 over the first year of the service. The users will purchase the service from the service catalogue. The user will then be provided with a setup guide upon purchase of the service to enable them to install and configure the service on their mobile device themselves. If there are any failed installations, they shall call the Service Desk who will assist users remotely to complete the installation on their device.

The service desk manager is concerned that on day one, how many of these calls or any other calls relating to this service will hit the desk. The network provider is concerned about if these unknown number of users start the synchronization of the emails on their mobile devices on day one, what would be the network bandwidth needed to cope up with the demand? Currently, there are some stats as 450 users are on the pilot. They may take the service on day one, but depends upon their business unit paying for them; as currently its free on the pilot.

So do we have sufficient resources and capabilities to meet this demand on the day one?

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