Shivam Can Swim Now !!

Yes he can... Alexzendra School in Harrow discontinued his swim classes as he pooed in the swimimg pool. While parents have been taking him for swim classes for last 2.5 years at Hatch End Swim Pool and never had an incident like this. Shivam is nervoused about swim classes and thus he attempts to sit in toilet few times on before the class. At home parents understand and the Aquiris Club......they are surprised. Thanks to Miss K Henssey and all the club members who are so happy to have Shivam... He can swim 10 meters as in May 2011.

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Shivam Learns Numeracy at 7

Maths is a logical subject. It has application in the real world and so applied maths is derived. But the way it should be taught and applied are two separate aspects just like the meaning of the two words 'accelrate' and de-accelerate'. Accelerate means that maths is taught by no concept of its application, but PRACTICE. De-accelerate means that now the child's brain knows the logic, lets teach him or her how to apply it i.e de-accelerate the brain. This is the only way to speed up learning process. With Autism, if we stick to the de-accelerate mode of teaching, and not use accelerate prior to de-accelerate, we won't get there ever.

One of the common mistake that educator does is that they teach maths directly with applied methodology at primary children. In early years, maths is to be taught more logically, as maths is a difficult subject at that age to conceptualize. So I took the logical approach with Shivam at the age of 7, while school's approach was more applied. The school teacher wants that if the adult picks the PECS card of number 5, he should count five objects and give them to the adult. He can't do this (29/05/2011).

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