Shivam Can Swim Now !!

Yes he can... Alexzendra School in Harrow discontinued his swim classes as he pooed in the swimimg pool. While parents have been taking him for swim classes for last 2.5 years at Hatch End Swim Pool and never had an incident like this. Shivam is nervoused about swim classes and thus he attempts to sit in toilet few times on before the class. At home parents understand and the Aquiris Club......they are surprised. Thanks to Miss K Henssey and all the club members who are so happy to have Shivam... He can swim 10 meters as in May 2011.


Alexzendra school is well equiped but do not have experienced staff to deal with Autistic Children with challenging needs. They also cannot deal with children with any severe disability and behaviour problems. They are more supportive to children with minor learning disabilities. I would say close to a normal functioning child.

Why did my child go there then in first place....wasted a year in Alexendra?

The council and schools system should provide an early judgement with authority on where these children should go...and not leave on the parents to decide. The schools that do not have expertise in Autism are going to try your child; and with this trial and error approach, the child's early years are wasted. Being a teacher myself with 15 years experience teaching college and industry accross Australia and United Kingdom, was able to research the system and politics. This enabled me to write and fight for better placement for my son. But this would not be possible for any other parent, if they didn't know about this all....

So why the system leaves it to parents...why can't they provide a sound decision...or is it one wants to take a blame.

This post is NOT a protest against the Head teacher at Alexendra. He wants a kind of disability such his staff can handle and get a better school report rather than working towards children with challenging needs. Whereas the Harrow Council have been insisting him to cater for autism children, he demands more and more funding. My experience indicates that Alexendra school has more than enough resources, but staff including the therapists do not have experience in Autism. The school has no willingness to progress to take on more, especially Autistic Children. The speech and language therapists at Alexendra could never correctly evaluate my son; when in NAS school, evaluation was done correctly and accurately within first quarter. The baseline was created and was accurate line by line.

Alexendra school should consider working with NAS and KIDS CAN ACHIEVE staff to get advice and help. And when it comes about swimmimg, every child to be given opportunity to learn through Aquiris Club led by Miss Henssey and her key workers, as they can make a difference with children with autism. It is Miss Henssey's effort that Shivam can tap the ball and swim.

Seriously if council wants that Austim needs to be met in Alexendra, they must thing about re-organising its staff including the head teacher and the programme for catering Austistic Children. 



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