Developing Individual Learning Programme for Autistic Children

This article is the story of our son and experiences that we have every day about Autism. He is now 10 years, non-verbal boy.


My son is 7 years (June, 2010) autistic diagnosed first at the age of 3. The process began with early intervention - interviews and sessions one after another with speech and language therapist. The hospital then said, " Now it is in the hands of the educational system and the medical science cannot do anything more". We asked the local council for a place in the special school, known to be the best in the area, but were told that it is not as easy to get in one. They will first provision him in the main-stream school. So he ended up in the mainstream school. The mainstream school was good, teachers very approachable; but lack in experience and facilities. Indeed, some of the things the special needs teacher did for him was remarkable. After 2.5 years in the mainstream, we were given option to consider for a special school. This was the same school that we have initially asked for. So we were delighted.


All done, he was moved to the school Jan 2010. We rested in peace thinking about he is in safe hands. In July 2010, before the summer holidays we were asked to attend the annual review meeting. The meeting was a shock to us where it was indicated that our son is at the far end of the Autism Spectrum and will never be able to live independently. We were devastated and I broke......

We were told that they would recommend him to be moved to another council school that deals in severe disability or consider Independent School owned by National Autistic Society; where his needs would be better met. We were advised to pay visit to both schools and provide views.

So we visited both. Indeed, the NAS school was better and designed for the Autism needs than special provision in the another council provisioned school. Moreover, council had least interest in the independent school due to the very high per year costs.

We have fought for the independent school. It took us a massive study in Autism and our own child and wrote the case to the council case worker. Finally, we got the place in Jan 2011. However we would like to tell this story about our son and the council provided current special school, where serious efforts from us has helped our son and shaken the educational system.

Please also note that we are under no circumstances using this web space for abusing the educational system. Our purpose is to provide our experiences to help teachers and other parents to finally help these children who are frustrated by not being able to communicate and say what they feel....

Autism is about communication and learning difficulties. The autistic brain gets fed from all sources like a normal brain; but unable to output. Due to this, autistic children may also have behavioural problems. The solution given to us for the behavioural problemswas to take help of Mental Health Services. We consulted them and they were happy to provide strategies to resolve the behaviourial issues. Infact we worked on improving the output, that calmed our son down and is making him much happier....

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