i-Pupil introduces Programming Interviews Department  The department presents videos created by our students to help the next batch to learn and use them for their next job interview with top software companies.

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i-Pupil’s Message

Straight from Directors Desk:



“Over years we have been delivering training and consultancy to colleges & industry in Australia & United Kingdom. With i-Pupil, we extend our classroom teaching to online modes of learning and provide short courses in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Business. We have carefully designed our courses that teach Technology and Business alongside & deliver hands-on industry experience and skills to take with you when you graduate. i-Pupil courses complements your coursework and with little extra work you are gaining the required skills for your first job placement. Our course design makes i-Pupil unique and our motto is 'Why spend time and money for MBA courses following graduation in Technology, why not Learn the Smarter Way!' Complete your degree at your college however become a Geek @ i-Pupil Assoicate Member by successfully completing our carefully designed application development course. Register now here."



Our services:

Geeks Portal:  Our goal is to provide career advice, interview techniques and frequently asked questions by top Software Companies through our unique method - Videos prepared by our geeks.

Android App Development: We shortly will be beginning our much awaited Android App Development Course. The course will teach you everything on how to develop an Android App.

Personalized Training: We also offer personal training to individuals helping them gain Industry certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, APMG and British Computer Society to complement your academics.

  • Our courses are integrated to teach ICT and business, as opposed to silo certifications in technical and management
  • You will learn what industry requires and gain experience in the field
  • We offer modular approach to achieve a competency and you learn at your own pace
  • We are Independent Schools and do not approach government for Aid.